Pasta Salad With Tomato

Pasta and tomato salad is a great combination for healthy teens and aging elders.


pasta - 2oo Gms
cooked French beans - 2 cups
coarsely chopped - 3 large plum tomatoes
chopped fresh basil - 3 tsp
spring onions cut into diamond - 1-cup
extra-virgin olive oil - 2 tsp
fresh thyme & 1 tbsp limejuice - 1 tsp
salt/black ground pepper each - 1/4 tsp


Cook pasta according to pkg directions. Reserve 1/4-cup pasta water. Drain pasta and rinse with cold water. In large bowl, combine pasta, reserved pasta water and tomatoes, basil, thyme, beans, spring onions, salt and pepper, mix well. Add limejuice at last moment, toss well and serve chilled

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