To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.

Chickpea salad
Chickpeas also known as garbanzo
beans provide an excellent source
of molybdenum.        more

Pumpkin Wedges
Pumpkin wedges are a healthy
substitute to potato fries as
pumpkin is very....        more

Barley lemonade
Barley lemonade helps you
to beat the heat in the
summer season...        more

Sweet Corn salad
Sweet corn contains vitamin
B1, vitamin B5, vitamin C,
folate, phosphorus,...        more

Mix Vegetable soup
This helps to detoxify
the body.        more

Ragi dosa
Ragi or Nachani comes from
the millet family...        more

Wheat Germ Cutlets
Wheat germ is an excellent
source of many essential nutrients
especially folic acid..        more

Soya khakra
Soya khakras are high in proteins
and make a healthy substitute
for bakery products..        more

Soya Chunks
Soya has been linked to a decrease
in the incidence of heart diseases,
type II diabetes..          more

Bread Dhokla
Bread dhokla is an instant,
nutritious recipe It is rich in fiber,
which helps to...        more

Missi Roti
Missi roti is made of gram flour
and wheat flour, which
makes it a perfect ..        more

Khandvi is a popular Gujarati snack.
It has asoft texture
and nutritious...        more

Oats Upma
Oats upma is a good option
to start off your day with
It provides ...        more

Soyamilk and Fruit Smoothie
Soya milk is high in protein
and contains isoflavones,
which protect our ..        more

Chocolate Zucchini Smoothie
Chocolate Zucchini Smoothie.

Cabbage soup
Cabbage is a leafy vegetable,
which can be used for
the treatment of constipation..    more

Ragi cutlets
Ragi (commonly known as nachni)
is rich in protein, fiber,
oiron, and calcium...    more

Moong dal dosa
Moong dal dosa......        more

Besan Chilla
Vegetable chilla is very good source
of protein, vitamins, and fiber.
It is so delicious...        more

Cauliflower-Tomato salad
This cauliflower and tomato salad
can provide phytochemicals, folate,
fiber and all essential ..        more

Chicken barbeque
Chicken barbeque is a simple
recipe, which is full of first
class proteins....        more

Pasta salad with tomato
Pasta salad with tomato....        more

Flax seeds Chutney
Flaxseed is one of the functional
foods that benefit people
with diabetes and ..        more

Vegetable stew
Vegetable stew....        more

Oat smoothie
Oat Milk is a health drink that
is very healthy and nutritious...        more

Bruschetta is a healthy Italian recipe
Bruschetta bites that are made with
natural, fresh ingredients...        more

Fennel delite
Fennel seeds (sauf) helps
quell nausea and vomiting
and eases indigestion...        more

Pohe includes lots of vegetables,
which are rich in phytochemicals.
These antioxidants ...        more

Healthy Rawa-soya Uttapam
Healthy Rawa-soya Uttapam..        more

Banana Smoothie
A healthy combination of banana
and curds aids in the growth
of friendly bacteria..        more

Green Chutney
Green Chutney....        more

Healthy non-fried dahi vadas
This tasty, zero fat snack is a
cereal - pulse combination,
giving you good...        more

Brown rice Vegetable Pulao
Brown rice is pulav a wholesome
nutritious recipe. Brown rice
is an excellent...        more

Corn kebabs
Yellow corn is rich in the
carotenoid lutein, a phytochemical
with antioxidant ...        more

Ghia Pakode
Diet pakode are low calorie pakode
made out of bottle Gourd.
Bottle gourd....        more

Moong dal cheela
Moong dal cheela....        more

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