We believe in making “Healthy You”
Bringing your doshas (Vata-Pitta-Kapha) back to a state of balance and harmony.
An Ayurvedic way of maintaining health through Nutrition (Aahar), Lifestyle (Vihaar) and Herbs (Vanaspati).
Eat as per your dosha (Vata-Pitta-Kapha).
Mindful eating "a practice that promotes healthy relationship with food".

NutriAyurCare- Online Diet Clinic

समदोषः समाग्निश्च समधातुमलक्रिय:।
प्रसन्नात्मेन्द्रियमना: स्वस्थ इतिअभिधीयते॥


Definition of health in Ayurveda

Sama Dosha- Balanced doshas
Sama Agni- Balanced/healthy fires
Sama Dhatu Mala Kriya- Balanced tissues and eliminations
Prasanna Atma, Indriya, Mana- Senses, Mind & Soul in a content, Peaceful and Blissful state.

- Sushruta Samhita

Dr. Tanju Khurana

Dr. Tanju Khurana

18+ Years of Experience

BAMS (Ayurvedacharya), PGDND (Ayurvedic Diet and Nutrition)

Certifications in Panchkarma, Nadi Pariksha (Pulse Diagnosis), Marma Therapy, CNCC.

8,000 +

Happy Clients

10,000 +


400 +

Diabetes Free

5,000 +

Weight Loss

5,000 +

Online Consultation

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Weight Gain

Wellness Programs

H- Weight Management Diets

Weight Management Diets

H- Hormonal Imbalance

Diets for Hormonal Imbalance


Diets for PCOS/PCOD

H- Ayurvedic Diets for Overall Wellbeing

Ayurvedic Diets for Overall Wellbeing

H- Diabetes Mellitus

Diets for Diabetes Mellitus

H- Perimenopausal Diets

Perimenopausal Diets

Prakriti Analysis

Know your bio energy:
Are you Vata, Pitta or Kapha?

Prakriti analysis is done using our questionnaire which is all about your Lifestyle, Digestion, Likes & Dislikes, Mood, Nature and Physical traits. By knowing your prakriti you can get help in maintaining your health, understand your diseases and their management.

Our Concept

"Ashta Ahara Vidhi Visheshayatana"

1. Prakriti (Natural quality of Aahar Dravya).

2. Karana/Sanskara (Processing of substances).

3. Samyoga (Combination).

4. Rashi (Quantity).

5. Desha (Habitat).

6. Kala (Time).

7. Upyoga-Sansatha (Dietary rules).

8. Upyokta (User).

Why Choose Us?

We provide tailor-made solutions which are easy to execute and readily available & sustainable, We are flexible in our approach which helps clients /patients to be at ease while having these diets. Our track record and client reviews speak volumes about our services.

  • We work on overall well-being.
  • No crash diets.
  • No calorie counting.
  • No false promises or guarantees.
  • Lifestyle improvement guidance.
  • Personalized customized diets.
  • Weekly scheduled feedback sessions.
  • No pills or supplements for weight loss.
  • Diets are planned by the doctor herself.
  • Diets plans based on ayurvedic Prakriti/ Vikriti (Vata-Pitta-Kapha).
  • Kitchen herbs and ayurvedic solutions are suggested as per health issues.

How to Join?

NutriAyurCare brings you a complete transformation program where we will focus on your complete wellbeing through blend of ayurveda and nutrition by constant guidance and support.

You can join us by performing these 3 simple steps

Choose a package


Go through the package details on our website.

Go through the package


Choose a package* & Enroll into the program as per choice.

Share your payment


Share your payment** details through WhatsApp (Mandatory).

*Alternatively can drop in your coordinates in Contact us and our team will get back to you.
**Upon confirmation of payment, It will take typical 24-48 hours to start the diets.


Garima Attri
Garima Attri
30. November, 2022.
Doctor Tanju is very professional, knowledgeable and really good in her field. She listens to the problem v carefully & work towards finding a proper solution to it. With her exceptional understanding of Ayurveda and human metabolism, she could offer me a customised cure for my medical condition. Always calm, composed and patient, she passionately worked towards finding medicine-free and diet-based solution for me. A big thanks to her.
Rajesh Raman
Rajesh Raman
21. November, 2022.
Doctor gives personalized diet program taking into account one's health needs, which gives immediate results. Timely and proper follow ups are done and the progress is integrated further to achieve and maintain the desired results. Highly recommended.
dr. saurabh sharma
dr. saurabh sharma
14. November, 2022.
Recently I had contacted her for my high cholesterol problem. By diet modification only, she helped me to reduce my cholesterol. I must say she has good knowledge and gives perfect diet plan. Highly recommended. Thank you so much ma'am for bringing my cholesterol level back to normal.
Bhumika Rao
Bhumika Rao
20. March, 2022.
Ms Tanju's weight loss plan was very effective. I was a bit sceptical at first but could manage it quite easily. Best part is you won't feel starved at any point. She's also very professional and keeps a check on you. Happy with the results!
Manish Saxena
Manish Saxena
9. March, 2022.
Zafrin Sulthana
Zafrin Sulthana
13. September, 2021.
Dr.Tanju has helped me to over come from diabetics and 10 year of acidity problem with in 1 month. Her diet was energetic and I felt really good!. She is kind and cured me with her positive talk! Thank you! Zafrin
Shubha Chaudhary
Shubha Chaudhary
24. February, 2021.
Srishti Sharma
Srishti Sharma
5. January, 2021.
I didn't felt like I was starving and bored from the food. It felt great.
Riya Aggarwal
Riya Aggarwal
26. December, 2020.
Deepika Choudhary
Deepika Choudhary
5. November, 2020.
I just loved d diets u gave. Never felt like I m starving or sacrificing my favourite things. Above all the way u listen and advice is very helpful. Thank u so

Know Your Prakriti:
Are you Vata, Pitta or Kapha?

Prakriti analysis is a simple test to determine your unique psychosomatic temperament and help you make the right decisions for better living.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, these programs can be done through emails and interacting with doctor/dietitian over call weekly. We will explain the program over the phone and will fetch all your details including medical concerns and measurements through emails. There will be a direct conversation with the doctor.

Weight loss depends upon your metabolism, schedule, gender, health issues, and ideal /target weight. If you are 20 kg more than your ideal weight, then you may lose 10-14 kg’s in three months. But if you are 5 kg’s overweight, then you may take 2 months to achieve your ideal weight. When you approach your ideal weight, weight loss is more gradual. Apart from these factors the efforts put in by the individual too matter because if a lot of deviations are done the weight loss drops. That’s why we do not aim at over-promising but in providing weight loss in a gradual manner.

Weight loss depends on a lot of factors as well as it does not happen suddenly. As you have gained weight over the last so many years, you will also lose it. Initially, you may start losing in inches. Your energy levels, blood sugar levels, and other health improvements also matter.

There are no special foods. We advise you on a basic, easy-to-follow diet. Your diet plans can be customized to some extent depending on your cooking issues, busy schedule, and your likes-dislikes.

All our clients are monitored to ensure maximum results. You will be followed every 3rd to 4th day depending upon your needs and ongoing progress.

You can email, Whatsapp or text your queries. The doctor tries to answer them at the earliest.

No one’s perfect. You need to realize any deviations from the program may affect your weight loss. Your deviations will be compensated in the next scheduled diet plan.

We emphasize weight and health maintenance. For this, some tips are given once you complete the program. There is no need to follow the diet plans after completion, but also not supposed to leave all the healthy eating habits and lifestyle that you had incorporated during the program.

Medical tests are recommended as per your need and depending upon your medical problems. If you have already got them done recently, you can share your reports. No need to get them done again.

No, but can suggest Ayurvedic tonics and supplements as per one’s needs.

This diet plans focus on overall health improvement along with weight loss. We don’t believe in starvation diets which can cause several deficiencies. Along with the diets, you will be advised some kitchen herbs to curb your minor illnesses as well.

No, since we believe in a healthy weight loss program we aim at including the right kind of nutrition, herbs, and lifestyle according to the Ayurvedic Prakriti/body type and Pathya-Apathya. Therefore we refrain from starvation plans. Weight loss achieved through starvation is not sustainable and leads to several deficiencies too.

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