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Faq's - Nutritionist Delhi NCR guides.

1. Do I need to meet Doctor Personally?
No,this program run by Gurugram based weight loss center, Nutriayurcare is completely through emails and over the phone.You need not to visit the doctor in person.We will explain the program over the phone and will fetch all your details including medical concerns and measurements through emails .There will be a direct conversation with the doctor.

2. How much will I reduce in 3 mnths program?
Weight loss depends upon your metabolism,schedule,gender,health issues and your ideal /target weight.If you are 20 kgs more than your ideal weight,then you may lose 10-14 kgs in three months. But if you are 5 kgs overweight, then you may take 2 mnths to achieve your ideal weight,when you approach close your ideal weight,weight loss is more gradual . Apart from these factors the efforts put in by the individual too matters because if lot of deviations are done the weight loss drops. That is why we do not aim at over promising but in providing weight loss in a gradual manner. Our Weight Loss Diet Recipes are easy to prepare and good to your taste buds.

3. What if I do not lose weight with your plan?
A. Weight loss depends on a lot of factors as well as it does not happen suddenly. As you have gained weight over the last so many years, you will also lose it,Initially you may start losing in inches.Your energy levels ,blood sugar levels and other health improvements also matter .

4. Are there any special foods involved with the program?
There are no special foods. We advise you a basic, easy to follow diets. Your diet plans can be customized to some extent depending upon your cooking issues ,busy schedule and your likes-dislikes.

5. How frequent is the follow up?
All our clients are monitored to ensure maximum results. You will be followed after evry 3rd to 4th day depending upon your needs and ongoing progress.

6. Can I contact if I have any query in between?
You can email ,wats app or text your queries. Doctor tries to answer them at the earliest.

7. What happens if I deviate from the prescribed program?
No one's perfect. You need to realize any deviations from the program may affect your weight loss. Your deviations will be compensated in the next scheduled diet plan.

8. After the completion of the program will the weight be stable or I'll put on again?
We emphasize on weight maintenance.For this some tips are given once you complete the program.There is no need to follow the diet plans after completion,but also not suppose to leave all the healthy eating habits and lifestyle that you had incorporated during the program.

9. Is it compulsory to get the tests done, even if I know my blood group?
Medical tests are recommended as per your need and depending upon your medical problems.If you have already got them done recently,you can share your reports.No need to get them done again.

10. Do you give any kind of food supplements to us?

11. Through diets the glow of our face will be maintained or not /Will I start feeling weak?
These diet plans focus on overall health improvement along with weight Loss.We don’t believe in starvation diets which can cause several deficiencies. Along with the diets,you will be advised some kitchen herbs to curb your minor illnesses as well.

12. Will there be a restriction on the quantity of food while a person is on your programme?
No, since we believe in healthy weight loss program we aim at including right kind of nutrition, herbs and lifestyle according to the Ayurvedic Prakriti/bodytype and pathya-apathya.Therefore we refrain from starvation plans .Weight loss achieved through starvation is not sustainable and lead to several deficiencies too.

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