Ayurvedic Medicinal Consultation

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Ayurvedic Medicinal Consultation

Book your telephonic Ayurvedic medicinal consultation with Dr. Tanju Khurana for different ailments like Irregular periods, Sinusitis, Insomnia, Digestive issues, Immunity issues, Renal calculi, Respiratory Diseases, Skin health, Gall Bladder stones etc.

  • Private and secured.
  • Personalized history taking by doctor/Vaidya over call.
  • Root cause-based solutions.
  • Medicinal prescription along with dietary recommendations (Pathya/Apathya) shared on WhatsApp.
One Time
  • Ayurvedic medicinal consultation on WhatsApp with dietary do's and don'ts (Pathya-Apathya) as the ailment.
  • 20 minutes phone call for history taking.

Dr. Tanju Khurana

18+ Years of Experience

BAMS (Ayurvedacharya), PGDND (Ayurvedic Diet and Nutrition)

Certifications In Panchkarma, Nadi Pariksha (Pulse Diagnosis), Marma Therapy, CNCC.

8,000 +

Happy Clients

10,000 +


400 +

Diabetes Free

5,000 +

Weight Loss

5,000 +

Online Consultation

500 +

Weight Gain

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